We are a non saturated international network of freight forwarders with the best quality of agents worldwide. ULN offers you multiple benefits and global representations

Worldwide coverage

ULN Network offers worldwide coverage through a secure list of quality cargo agents worldwide. All members go through an extensive selective process to guarantee you the best agents to work with.

Annual International meetings

ULN annual meetings have the highest level of professionalism where members can generate meetings with other large companies and have opportunity for business. This tool is very useful because it provides the opportunity to meet with agents from around the world in the same place and thus, not only meet in person, but develop partnerships, which saves you time in travel and expenses around of the world, since in the same place you can exchange ideas and generate business.  

Marketing and advertising programs

Promote your company using our members only unlimited campaigns on social media and massive email campaigns.  This is a free service included on your membership.  

Cargo Insurance

Ensure your cargo using our affiliate Anova Marine Services, a first-class cargo insurance for freight forwarders.  ANOVA is a premier provider of first-class cargo insurance for freight forwarders, NVOCC’s, shipping lines, customs brokers, and international trading companies. ANOVA also offers custom-designed and exclusive international liability coverage concepts for freight forwarders and NVOCC’s, in addition to Transport Industry Bonds (such as OTI bonds for NVOCC’s and Freight Forwarders), Customs Bonds, and other products related to the international trade industry. 

Financial Protection Key

Automatic financial protection for up to USD10,000.  No gimmicks, no share fund.  ULN protects you when you make transactions with other members of the network. Our interest is to make everything easier and save you from future headaches   

Pay Key

The exclusive tool designed for ULN members offers zero cost on international wire fees between members.  STAR SAVING MONEY NOW!

Access to our booths on international trading shows

Promote your business and access all major international expos using ULN’s booth.  ULN Network participates actively in all major logistic expos around the world, providing our members a business space for meetings and promotions.  

Customer Service

ULN offers 24/7 customer support. Our members know help is always one click away. English, Spanish and Portuguese available.


For ULN, it is very important to keep the members informed. Stay current with the latest News in the Logistics World, Cargo Insurance, and Cargo Liability with Anova Marine Insurance.

Forwarder’s debt recovery service

This service is provided by ULN thanks to the partnership with  Forward Debt recovery services . They offer special rates to ULN Members when they have conducted business outside of the network and are not able to recover their payments.  

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