We are United Logistic Network

We are an international network of freight forwarders that focuses on providing the means for your affiliates to have reliable agents to do business with worldwide, offering multiple benefits and global representations.    

As a member of ULN you will see your business grow. You will have opportunities such as designing your website / e-commerce / marketing and membership directory worldwide to the development and positioning of your business through annual meetings where you can publicize your company as well as developing strategic alliances in a market as competitive as it is today.  

Our Mission

At ULN, our core mission is to empower cargo agents around the globe by providing them with the most advanced and efcient tools. These tools are designed to ensure secure, expedient, and seamless negotiations between international partners. We are committed to fostering a network where reliability, speed, and safety are paramount, enabling our agents to conduct business with condence and agility. By facilitating better communication, streamlined processes, and robust security measures, ULN strives to set a new standard in global cargo negotiations, ensuring that our partners are always at the forefront of the industry.


Why choose United Logistics Network


We thrive on continually seeking novel approaches to problem-solving, enhancing our processes, and signicantly improving customer experiences. Our commitment to innovation involves not only adopting cutting-edge technologies but also fostering a culture of creative thinking and continuous improvement among our team.

A+ Customer Service

At the core of our operations lies your satisfaction. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, believing rmly that the key to success is building lasting relationships with our customers. English and Spanish offered.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, reected in every aspect of our operations. We employ stringent quality control measures and continuously rene our processes to ensure that our standards not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks.

We are the network you need to expand your business globally.
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